ACL Race HX Rod Bearings Mitsubishi Eclipse GST GSX 2G 4G63T 7-Bolt DSM Evo 1-9.

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Part Number:4B1185HX
ACL Race Rod Bearings are the perfect bearing upgrade when building an engine. Whether you are building a record-breaking dyno crusher or just rebuilding your daily driver's engine, ACL Bearings are cost effective and dependable. These bearings have an HX at the end of the part number because they are .001" thinner than stock. This allows for more oil clearance which is a popular preference for engines being built for performance use. Always consult with your machine shop before buying bearings to determine which size would be optimal for your proposed use. 
Engine Codes: 4G63T (7-Bolt DSM / Evo 1-3) 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 4-8) 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 9) 

ACL Race Series Performance Engine Bearings

The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Trimetal engine bearings. Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions

  • High strength overlay plate with reduced thickness for improved fatigue properties
  • Hardened steel backs on all rod bearings to improve the support of the bearing lining and assist with bearing retention in the housing.
  • Increased crush for improved bearing retention
  • Elimination of flash plating on the back of the bearings to improve heat transfer through the bearings and to maximize the grip between the bearings and its housing.
  • Increased eccentricity to compensate for bore distortion at high rpm and to assist in the formation of hydrodynamic oil films.
  • 3/4 grooved Main Bearings to optimize bearing load carrying surface area and oil flow to the conrod bearings.
  • Tight consistent wall tolerances to help you maintain consistent clearances.
  • Enlarged ID chamfers on bearing edges where required to accommodate large fillet radius on performance crankshafts.


More Information
Part TypeConnecting Rod Bearings
Vehicle GroupEclipse GST FWD 95-99 2G, Eclipse GSX AWD 95-99 2G, Evo 1-3 CD9A/CE9A, Evo 4-6 CP9A, Evo 7-8 CT9A, Evo 9 CT9A
Engine4G63T (7-Bolt DSM / Evo 1-3), 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 4-8), 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 9)
ManufacturerACL Performance
Competitor Interchange Part NumberCR4120XP STDX CB-1643HX x 4
Bearing ClassRace
Bearing oversizeHX (Extra Oil Clearance)
Last Modified3/13/2019 8:46 pm
Last Updated3/13/2019 8:51 pm
Carb LegalNo
Last Netsuite Sync03/13/2019 08:30 pm
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