Clevite Race HX Rod Bearing Mitsubishi Eclipse GST GSX 2G 4G63T 7-Bolt DSM Evo 1-9.

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Part Number:CB-1643HX
One often overlooked part when building an engine is the bearings. Getting a quality set of bearings can directly determine the longevity of your engine. These are Clevite's H-Series Bearing which is considered their Race Bearing.
We use Clevite Race Bearings in many of the race engines we build here.
These Bearings are "HX" size which means they are .025mm Thinner than Stock. Use this when you need .001" more oil clearance. 
Engine Codes: 4G63T (7-Bolt DSM / Evo 1-3) 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 4-8) 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 9) 

Clevite H-Series bearings were primarily developed for NASCAR racing, but are well suited to other types of competition engines. They're especially good for engines that run at medium-to-high revs. They have hardened-steel backings with thin overlays and a high crush factor, plus a medium level of eccentricity. H-Series bearings have enlarged chamfers at the sides for greater crank-fillet clearance and are made without flash plating for better seating.


More Information
Part TypeConnecting Rod Bearings
Vehicle GroupEclipse GST FWD 95-99 2G, Eclipse GSX AWD 95-99 2G, Evo 1-3 CD9A/CE9A, Evo 4-6 CP9A, Evo 7-8 CT9A, Evo 9 CT9A
Engine4G63T (7-Bolt DSM / Evo 1-3), 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 4-8), 4G63T (7-Bolt Evo 9)
Competitor Interchange Part Number4B1185HX CR4120XP STDX
Bearing ClassRace
Bearing oversizeHX (Extra Oil Clearance)
Last Modified2/18/2019 11:21 am
Last Updated2/18/2019 11:26 am
Carb LegalNo
Last Netsuite Sync02/18/2019 10:06 am
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